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Project to support the development of youth football in Kharkiv

Fundraising to support children's sports teams

Started raising funds to support children's sports teams, which in 2017 for the first time will participate in the Championship UDYUFL Ukraine (Ukrainian Children and Youth Futsal League). To help the young athlete to adequately represent the country at the Kharkiv tournament and improve their athletic skills, the fund decided to support this project.

The lack of adequate support from the state of development of sports among children affect their sport performance. Therefore, most of our project aims to provide training equipment, as the basis for best results.

The main objective of the project - the development of material and technical basis for the improvement of the training process and improve individual skills of young athletes. The sports season 2017, young players will participate in the Kharkov city, regional and all-Ukrainian competitions, as well as in the Ukrainian Championship Futsal UEFA. One of the stages of the project is the purchase of children's club form for participation in the tournament in Ukraine.

We hope that our first project will make a contribution to development of Ukrainian sports, and increase public interest in youth football. We expect that this project will benefit the image kritovalyuty E-Dinar Coin, with the help of which will be collected funds for implementation.



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