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Biography of Vladimir Serikov

Children's Viktor Ponomarenko coach often recalls the following scene: the same little boy with the ball in his hands on a daily basis collects and leads the whole band of the other guys on the football field, and senior and junior , everyone! This boy was Vova Serikov.

Children's football team Vladimir Serikov
Vladimir Serikov in the bottom row far right (Crimea. Golden Field. 1981.)

To be selected from hundreds of their peers for admission to 7th grade in the Department of football HOSSHISP (Kharkov regional secondary boarding school sporting profile) was the dream of every boy, because it is a sports boarding school gave a start to a great many well-known Soviet football players. This is all well known and wanted to be like their idols everywhere: live, learn, practice and play wherever they are. And such a lucky ticket in the hands of a boy from a small suburban village Solonitsevka Volodya Serikov.

Admission to sportinternat throughout promised novelty, new relationships, and most importantly - independence in conditions when there is no parent home, and almost all have to do everything myself. But the main thing - to play football!

Vladimir Serikov in the Junior League
Vladimir Serikov third from the right in bottom row

Unfortunately, at this time the young footballers manifested disease of the knee, treatment which took a long time. And in this difficult time of his life with him were two people who unconditionally believed in his talent: his father and trainer, Ilya G. Bresler Geyer. Their patience and support helped to overcome the disease and return to youth football.

During study team players born in 1970, for which he acted, took part in various competitions, the most prestigious of which was the first place among sports boarding schools all over the Soviet Union. It was a great opportunity to test themselves in the fight against teams from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Baltic states, the Caucasus. The peak of these performances was the victory in the All-Union youth tournament among sportinternat "Crossing" in 1988.

At the same time Vladimir noticed football breeders and received an offer to become a player of the team masters the major league "Metalist" (Kharkiv). He was 17 years old when he set out to conquer a new stage of his sporting career. Confident young football player game soon made him the player of the "basics" double Kharkov team...

The match against St. Petersburg "Zenith" started well, Vladimir opened the scoring, but after 20 minutes, suffered a knee injury, which again excommunicated him from football. Hospital surgery recovery.

Seasons 1989 and 1990 were given to the Army football team SKA (Kiev).

Vladimir Serikov in the football club Polesie
Football club Polesie (Zhytomyr). Vladimir Serikov third from the right in the bottom row
Vladimir Serikov in Zhytomyr football club
Vladimir Serikov second from the left in the center row
Vladimir Serikov with partners Kamanda
Vladimir Serikov in the center

A second home to the football player was the Ukrainian city of Zhitomir for the first team he played 10 seasons. Technically a player has been equally useful in the position of the defense and the midfield, and its high-speed connection to the attack and adjusted transmission often resulted shot by opposing teams. Here his football talent Vladimir Serikova manifested fully. Despite his youth, he was one of the leaders of the team, a few years he was elected its captain.

With Zhitomir connected and happy family life football.

Vladimir Serikov with the family
Vladimir Serikov with the family

In the late 1990s, is reviving the Kharkov "Metalist" new goals and objectives are defined. For a new team looking for experienced creative artists - the Ukrainians. Such a player is, in Zhitomir! And again Serikov "Metalist" again in the game.

Metalist Kharkiv midfielder Vladimir Serikov

Vladimir Serikov in FC Metallist

In his biography of football there are also playing for the Ukrainian team from Alexandria, Sumy, Kirovograd.

In 2003 he ended his career as a player.

Football coach Vladimir Serikov
Vladimir Serikov second from the right

After graduation coach, while he was still an active athlete, he prepared himself for the next life, I trained players. Becoming a coach, he worked with a deep understanding of all sides and aspects of football and about football life. He was a perfectionist in achieving goals. The next step was to be the establishment of a charitable foundation "UKRSAVE", aimed at supporting youth and sports. This project is destined to continue the family football player Vladimir Serikov.

That's how evolved an interesting life story, tells the story of how football series of children's hobby turned into a boundless passion for the game, and then began to sense the whole life of a person.