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The charitable fund to support youth and Sport "UKRSAVE"

Vladimir Serikov

The Foundation "UKRSAVE" them. Vladimir Serikov was created to bring together concerned people who are ready to provide charitable assistance. The main objective of the Fund's support of the younger generation and the development of Ukrainian sport within the country and internationally.

The desire of Vladimir Serikov help novice athletes and solve the problem of lack of financial support in the field of sport has become the main focus "UKRSAVE" Fund and is the principal.


after V. Serikov Foundation supports young athletes and provides support in the development of sports clubs, federations and teams. Promotes professional sporting events and championships, and also assists in the rehabilitation and recovery of athletes injured.

The Fund's program is scheduled to collect voluntary contributions are not prohibited by the law in the form of electronic tools to support a number of charitable projects, activities and initiatives that will contribute to creating conditions for the implementation of promising young athletes and promote the development of sport in general.

Fund tasks

The main objective of the Fund UKRSAVE them. Vladimir Serikov identify and support talented and active young athletes, professional sports development and the formation of a healthy way of life of the nation.

The objectives of the Fund

  • material help injured athletes in need of physical rehabilitation;
  • financial support for young athletes and teams, including in entering the international arena;
  • promoting activities of sports teams, clubs, federations and the purchase of sports equipment and equipment;
  • sponsorship of sporting events, tournaments, championships, competitions;
  • promoting healthy lifestyles and the development of sports in Ukraine, public education, and work with the young generation;
  • popularization of Ukrainian sport in the world space.

Fund activities UKRSAVE them. Vladimir Serikov is based on e-cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin. This allows you to expand the possibilities of the collection of voluntary contributions, not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

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