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E-Dinar Coin

About cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin

During the period of rising prices on the world's resources, fiatnyh depreciation of currencies and financial market instability, the world needed new tools. E-Dinar Coin has become an alternative to paper money. It is proved that electronic money cryptocurrency more independent of global issues and have a tendency to grow.

E-Dinar Coin - is a dynamically developing world cryptocurrency. The name dinar is not accidental and has a sacred significance. Coins with the same name appeared in the Roman Empire. Subsequently, many currencies of the world, such as singing or pfennig, later took it from ancient Dinar. In translation this word means "money".

E-Dinar Coin today has about 280 000 participants and takes place on a monthly basis up to 500 000 transactions. Currency has offices in Africa, Indonesia, China and other countries around the world. E-Dinar is recognized as one of the fastest growing in the world cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin and it's benefits

  • the possibility of insurance funds from currency fluctuations;
  • profitable seven-referral system;
  • the opportunity to exchange on fiat money and other types of electronic money of the world;
  • high speed of the transaction within 5 seconds;
  • daily percentage of mining at a rate of 0.65%;
  • a minimum fee when transferring funds between purses;
  • full transparency and access to archive transactional all users of the system;
  • anonymity of the user thanks to Elliptic Curve Digital Signature (ECDSA) to secp256k1 curve.

E-Dinar CoinPlatform E-Dinar Coin can be used by any member of the system, regardless of their technical knowledge. A purse Holder-Dinar Coin is free to own and operate its own means, to convert to other cash and carry out transactions with a minimum commission.

Cryptocurrency works by a unique algorithm POW, which allows it to be reliable for users. All data is encrypted, and transparency is achieved by means of open access to the database blockchain, where each transaction is tracked by its source.

The system eliminates the monopolization, state control and internal corruption, on which banks are not fully protected.

Get together with E-Dinar Coin

E-Dinar Coin - option for long-term investment and earnings, as well as the ability to opt out from the usual volatile banking systems today. Age purse holder is unlimited. Open it, and anyone can make. Besides being able to play on the stock exchanges, the system allows to get a nice bonus in the form of daily interest calculation for the active use of the account and transactions. And participating in the seven-level referral program, users receive regular additional passive income. To learn more about the system is available here.